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Conquer your fear

Fear; what is fear? Something we have dealt with all of our lives undoubtedly since the day we were born and will have to until the day we die. Speaking of the day we die at one point that is something that many people may fear most of all. Hopefully, you do not have to worry about that anytime soon but when your time is up your time is up…

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Today in this crazy world where we live almost anything can or will happen. Donald Trump has won the election and will be the next president of the United States; who ever imagined that would happen? Hillary Clinton supposedly had a concession speech but was too distraught over the loss and was rumored to have barred herself inside her New York hotel room as her world came crumbling down around

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Sometimes a long haul is a good thing depending on the situation and circumstances. If it´s that time of year again and you are planning a nice vacation with the family it can really be something worth looking forward to. On the other hand if you are traveling with the family during the holidays to spend some time with your in-laws and you do not really get along with them

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Everyone likes a good plot; it does not matter if it an action film, maybe a stupid horror movie that may happen to have a good plot or even a chick-flick that you may happen to be stuck watching with your girlfriend or wife. Plots keep things interesting; on and off the Big Screen. (Good ones do anyways) Plots are equally important in novels; romance ones, spy ones, science fiction