More Time for English Escorts in London


February is on the downhill and Valentine’s Day is behind us yet again. Many of you are probably aware that this February is a leap year which is good news for most of us and great news for many other persons; Instead of having 28 days in the month we get an extra day added for the leap year so February 2016 will have 29 days. So having an extra day in month the gives you more time you do things you like to do. If you like to enjoy time with English Escorts in London you will have more time to do it!

Many of us likely may not exactly know nor care about the specific details and reasoning’s behind having a leap year. Today you’re going to learn a little bit in case you didn’t already know. We won’t dwell too far into it but the reason that we have leap year about every 4 years is to keep the calendar year the same as the astronomical year. To make it simple it takes the Earth approximately 365.242 days to go around the Sun and the calendar has just 365 days. Therefore if we did not add the extra dad about every 4 years we would lose around six hours every year which after 100 years it would be off between 20 to 25 days roughly. Julius Caesar made the first leap year somewhere around 46 B.C. but his math was not exact and it made too many leap years. It took more than 1500 years later and Pope Gregory the 13th to make a new calendar that corrected it.

Ok, hopefully now you learned something you did not know before. One more thing if you were born on February 29th technically you only get a true birthday every 4 years! Most persons of course celebrate it either the day before or the day after. So this month those persons born on that day can truly celebrate their birthday that they get once every 4 years with a Mature London Escort or other ones from some of the best places in town like 24 Carat Escorts.


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